Silje Nergaard's voice has a soft, innocent girlish sound, effortlessly breezing through deep dark tones to crystal clear highs. In her concerts she is a virtuoso at charming her audience and yet, time and time again, drawing attention to her musicians. The solos from Pat Metheney or Tord Gustavsen are legendary. On many of her CDs you can sense her openness and interest in the creativity of her musicians. Silje Nergaard moves light footed between jazz, folk and rock. From every genre she selects what she needs,infusing her melodies with a life all their own, but finally it's the musical freedom implicit in jazz and her high level of professionalism and charm, that turn her concerts into a sensation.




Silje Nergaard, voc
Hallgrim Bratberg, gt
Håvar Bendiksen



Plakatvorlage Silje Nergaard PDF

Poster design Silje Nergaard 60x80 cm / 300 dpi / PDF



On Tour

Silje Nergaard Trio


04.11.2017 D-München Unterfahrt (Ticketlink folgt)
05.11.2017 D-Karlsruhe Tollhaus (Ticketlink folgt)
06.11.2017 D-Bonn Harmonie (Ticketlink folgt)
08.11.2017 D-Dresden Jazzfestival (Ticketlink folgt)
09.11.2017 D-Helmstedt Avacon (Ticketlink folgt)
10.11.2017 D-Bardenhagen Gut Bardenhagen (Ticketlink folgt)
01.03.2018 LIE-Liechtenstein TAK (Ticketlink folgt)
03.03.2018 D-Herford Schiller Club (Ticketlink folgt)
04.03.2018 D-Hamburg Elbphilharmonie (Ticketlink folgt)
05.03.2018 D-Hannover Pavillon (Ticketlink folgt)
06.03.2018 D-Main Frankfurter Hof (Ticketlink folgt)
21.07.2018 D-Freyburg Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei Tickets



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