Musical tones appear to trickle from the hands of the pianist Tord Gustavsen, while the drummer lays down a delicate murmur under the melody. The bass steals its way in, forming a song in the listener's mind, and then fades away. The roots of the pianist can be found in early jazz, blues, and gospel. In his own unique manner he combines Caribbean music with New Orleans jazz,  and brings the story of Jazz into a unique musical dialogue with the contemplative and melancholic Nordic sounds of his childhood.  Listening in, you can hear the rustling of Norwegian woods and the buzzing in the cotton fields of the Deep South.


"Gustavsen's discreet gospel roots and his musical meticulousness bring audiences to awed silence".
(John Fordham, The Guardian)



Line Up


Tord Gustavsen – piano

Jarle Vespesat – drum

Simin Tander – vocals







Radiofeature Deutschlandfunk

Trio-Projekt um Tord Gustavsen
Religiöse Implikationen und spirituelle Dimensionen

Von Jan Tengeler


On Tour

19.08.2018 CH-Bern Kapelle (Ticketlink folgt)

On Tour with Simin Tander

26.05.2018 D-Ettersburg Schloss (Ticketlink folgt)
19.08.2018 CH-Bern Kapelle (Ticketlink folgt)



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