"The human voice is my ideal", says Jan Garbarek, and it is highly unlikely that another Saxophonist comes so near to realizing that ideal as this musician from Norway. It's the contrast between the song-like and poetical elements, the simplicity and the intensity of free improvisations with other musicians, that uniquely defines Jan Gabarek's sound. The musicians that accompany him, contribute each in their own way: on piano, Rainer Brüninghaus, who has accompanied him over the years, Trilok Gurtu, an ecstatic magician on various percussion instruments from India and Brazil's Yuri Daniel on bass. Garbarek is a musical world traveler, who has breathed in the winds of all the sounds that blew his way. Listening to his music one can feel what has touched him, and what his breath has graced him with, to bring these sounds to us. 


"A memorable night of richly varied, worldly music."




Rainer Brueninghaus  (Wikipedia) | Rainer Brueninghaus (Website)

On Tour

The concerts in Prague, Elmau and Linz have to be postponed and will be made up for at a later date.

04.04.2020 NL-Utrecht, Transition Festival

03.06.2022 D-Chemnitz Stadthalle Tickets
22.06.2022 GR-Athens Herodis Atticus Tickets
29.06.2022 D-Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Tickets
01.07.2022 F-Vauvert Festival / Parc de Castellas
03.07.2022 F-Vitrolles Festival / Parc de la Domaine Fontblanche
04.08.2022 D-Bad Nauheim Trikkuranlage Tickets
06.08.2022 D-Reutlingen Echazhafen Open Air Tickets
08.09.2022 D-Greven Festival / Ballenlager Tickets
13.11.2022 GB-London Festival / Royal Festival Hall
18.11.2022 D-Bremen Glocke Tickets
19.11.2022 D-Leverkusen Festival / Erholungshaus
20.11.2022 D-Marburg Stadthalle


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