With a passionate devotion this Swedish singer has created sophisticated Jazz interpretations from an array of diverse recording artists. She has garnered a considerable amount of attention with her unique versions of Burt Bacharach compositions, (songs for Dionne Warwick) and her audacious idea to dedicate an entire CD to the film soundtracks of Michel Legrand ( Windmills of your Mind, from the film by Thomas Crown, for example) which brought her yet another round of applause. Concerning her CD "Calling You" in an exceptional collaboration with the "radio.string.quartet.vienna", she says: "We simply decided to pick out pieces that we loved, regardless of whether it was classical, folk, pop or jazz music." The concerts of Rigmor Gustafsson are suffused with the musical diversity of her repertoire that are reflected also in her own songs and delivered in the unsurpassable warmth of her voice, that glides dreamily through the piano keys or runs in playful counterpoint with the drums.



Line Up

Rigmor Gustafsson - vocals

Jonas Östholm - piano

Martin Höper - bass

Chris Montgomery – drums



Rigmor Gustafsson Poster

On Tour

01.04.2019 D-Hannover Jazzclub (Ticketlink follows)
02.04.2019 D-Münster HotJazz Club Tickets
03.04.2019 D-Darmstadt Centralstation Tickets
04.04.2019 D-München Unterfahrt Tickets
05.04.2019 A-Lustenau Jazzclub (Ticketlink follows)
20.07.2019 D-Freyburg Rotkäppchen Kellerei Tickets



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