Malia provides an excellent example of how today's music has overrun all borders and genres.


The singer was born in Malawi, East Africa. When she was 14 years old she moved to London and lived afterwards in several european countries. Her new album – already her sixth  - is influenced more than ever by her African origins.


"It's a record that I wanted to do for a long time. I wanted to create songs that reflect my consciousness, my origin."


This cultural legacy is reflected in her new songs once again. Forceful songs, sparingly orchestrated, with Malia's clear, concise, warm voice in the foreground. Never before have we experienced this artist with such remarkable intensity - the album captures the quintessence of what it means to be a musical world citizen, proud of her roots. In the piece "Chipadzuwa" she oscillates between English and Chichewa, the Bantu regional language. She re-interprets classics like "Moon River" in a minimalist but deeply intensive manner, adds some songwriting highlights of her own and performs a few pop jewels in her distinctive personal style.


Malia moves between Jazz, Blues and Soul with an intuitive certainty. Whatever she sings or interpretes: her sound is always cool, and yet very warm hearted, never dusty, always highly topical. Malia is one of the flagship artists of our global music culture.




New CD at Edel  "Malawi Blues/Njira "   September 2016



Malia – Vocals
Edwin Sanz - Drums
Alex Wilson - Piano
Dimitri Christopoulus – Bass



Malia - The Garden of Eve (EPK)

Malia - Ripples (Echoes of Dreams)

Malia & Joo Kraus & Kammerorchester Arcata Stuttgart feat. Pee Wee Ellis - Live im Theaterhaus 2017

Malia - Convergence

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