After what had seemed like an endless wave of Scandinavian singers, Rebekka Bakken appears unexpected like a shimmering precious pearl upon our European shores. Her enraptured and delighted audience, and a euphoric press have laid praise at her feet (FAZ…” erotic to the core”, Die Welt:” …outrageously good”, Süddeutsche Zeitung: “a voice too good for words”). With her congenial openness, her self assured lyrics and her subtle nuanced melodies, she casts a sensuous spell over her audience. The intimacy of her voice creates a feeling of mutual understanding between her and her listeners. Her voice moves effortlessly from raw smoky sounds to clear light tones. She drifts from jazz hued melodies, to soft Southern rock, to the Norwegian Folk-songs she grew up with.



Ulrich Olshausen in the FAZ: “Her four Octave voice, delicate, commanding, sometimes with only a register of vibrato, the nearly whistling treble, the rich depth and sovereign technique. All of this in the service of a phenomenal charisma."


Always On My Mind

On her album "Always On My Mind" (VÖ 28.04.23, Sony), the Norwegian singer and songwriter Rebekka Bakken transfers her favorite songs into her unmistakable sound cosmos between atmospheric Scandinavian pop and jazz. Together with her band she lets classics like "Yesterday" by Lennon/McCartney, "Here Comes The Flood" by Peter Gabriel or "Why" by Annie Lennox sound in a completely new sound, as well as "Break My Heart Again" by Finneas O`Connell, who together with his sister Billie Eilish stands for a new generation of songwriters. "These songs have 'always been on my mind' and inspired my own songwriting. They are the 'soundtrack of my life' and some of them have stuck with me since my childhood. I have developed my own voice listening to some of these songs and it is just the right moment to reinterpret them my way", explains Rebekka Bakken. "Always On My Mind" contains a total of 15 colorful titles by Elton John, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman or Nick Cave, among others.





Poster Winter Nights



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On Tour

Rebekka Bakken & Band

10.06.2023 D-Frankfurt Palmengarten Tickets
23.07.2023 D-Trebgast Naturbühne Tickets
04.08.2023 D-Neuenstadt Freilichtbühne Tickets
08.08.2023 D-Kiel Petruskirche Tickets
09.08.2023 D-Lübeck Lübeck Tickets
11.08.2023 D-Tübingen Waldbühne Tickets
24.08.2023 D-Minden Jazzfestival Tickets
03.11.2023 D-Dresden Ostra-Dome Tickets

Rebekka Bakken solo

21.06.2023 D-Emden Gezeitenkonzerte
23.06.2023 D-Leipzig Gewandhaus (Chorkonzert) Tickets
05.12.2023 D-München Prinzregententheater Tickets



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