Intimate chamber jazz from Maridalen

The Norwegian jazz trio Maridalen takes its name from the scenic valley that lies just north of Oslo city center.The trio's debut album "Maridalen", released in spring 2021, has received rave reviews both nationally and internationally. The album, among many other plaudits, was listed on the lists "Best Norwegian albums of the Year" in Aftenposten, and "Jazz albums of the Year" in British MOJO Magazine.

On March 25, 2022, Maridalen release their second album «Bortenfor» on Jazzland Recordings. Like its predecessor, this album is also recorded in the old wooden church in Maridalen, but this time the trio also moves a little beyond the valley - down to night-lit streets and old apartment buildings.

With the warm and acoustic sound of double bass, trumpet and woodwind, the trio creates their own musical space that captures different moods and spins small stories.Through these moments, the listener is invited to new adventures; from a city gateway, old and forgotten places are explored: through pictures from a movie, to a ride on a moon bike in dreamland.

The moods and stories are conveyed through a strong collective where the sum is greater than the individual performances - where the space, atmosphere and excitement become an inextricable part of the whole.
The soundscape is intimate, transparent, and provides great opportunity and plenty of space for the three musicians to play. The trio also rounds out the sound with contributions from piano, an old radio and kitchen utensils, with the addition of pedal steel guitarist Emil Brattested on two songs.


Anders Hefre - saxophone
Jonas Kilmork Vemøy - trumpet
Andreas Rødland Haga – double bass

Maridalen - "Sandermosen" LIVE from Caféteatret, Oslo

Maridalen - "Danse du soir" LIVE from Caféteatret, Oslo

Maridalen - Spotify Playlist

On Tour

20.10.2022 NO-Bodø Ad Lib Jazz Club
21.10.2022 NO-Lillehammer DølaJazz
06.11.2022 NO-Larvik Larvik Jazzklubb



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