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With her second album “MY PIANO”, South Korean Composer and singer/songwriter YOUNEE, who has been lauded as a star pianist by the enthusiastic media, proves once again that she indeed ranks among the finest!


For “Jugendstil”, her German debut album which had taken the bestseller-charts by storm, she had still relied on the “classics” such as Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and others for inspiration, but on her new album YOUNEE lights impressive fireworks of eleven of her very own compositions, of breathtaking dexterity and technique ranging from furioso to pianissimo and taking the listener along on a highly emotional journey and into a new world of piano music.


Until the final note, everything happens intuitively, spontaneously, unexpectedly, without ever drifting off into the realms of kitsch or virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake.


“That’s me”, states YOUNEE, an equally pretty as well as charismatic performer currently living in Germany, about her new album.



TV ARD  Klick, Klack:

“Younee truly pushes the envelope. Like a dream walker she interweaves classical, pop, and  jazz music.”



“Younee creates her own unique sound. Younee won’t let herself get musically restricted. Her openness  leaves her space for development. At the same time, she knows precisely where jazz turns to shallowness and pop to muzak. Younee roughs up our musical scene and that sounds rather pleasant.”


TV ARD/Kultur-Tipp:

“It sounds modern and jazzy. Nothing gets turned into pop or saccharine … THANK YOU!”



 “Younee hails from South Korea where she is a true superstar who blends classical music with blues and jazz!“


TV ARD/BR  ‚Abendschau’:

“Award-winning, internationally successful, technically perfect, and incredibly charming.”


Jazz Podium:

“This type of crossover defies all attempts at classification, you never feel an effort or the constraints of concept, but it results very simply from her natural ease and her playful treatment of musical material. Once again, piano music is allowed to by simply beautiful without ever drifting off into the realm of kitsch and sterile virtuosity.”


Nürnberger Nachrichten:

 “Younee is a phenomenon: this pianist, with her breathtaking attack and gravity-defying dexterity, oscillates easily between classical music, jazz , and pop.”


Kieler Nachrichten:

“Younee breaks all boundaries between classical, jazz, pop, and rock music. How many others have attempted to inject classical music with jazz and got themselves lost in the jungle of crossover driven by its own razzle-dazzle? Younee walks  hitherto untrodden paths.”


Fränkische Landeszeitung:

“At no time does it feel like a collage. It is always pleasure, feeling, her unique style.“






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